Creating (or re-creating) a brand is a ton of work! From figuring out the clocks, what songs to power out of the gate, what gimmick you’ll use to stunt before the flip (should we go all Christmas, or Hanson 24/7?), who will be the imaging voice, how many songs in a row commercial free, and on and on. Really, the checklist is never-ending.

Sadly, it’s the station logo, the visual brand of the station, that is often an afterthought. You’re going to print this sucker on banners, t-shirts, cups, pens, your site, your vehicles… nothing looks lamer than a hot station with a dud logo.

A great logo reflects your brand, your demographic, and last for years – and just your luck, Hit The Post makes great logos!

Get our designers to work for your station and create a logo that rules! We’ll work with you to get everything you strive the logo to convey on paper, then from their our design team will get clickin’. Within a matter of a few days, we’ll have a ton of great options for you to choose from!

A week later, you’ll have a killer “vector” logo for your brand that will look great on mobile, web, billboards and bibs. It’s simple when you Hit The Post.

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