Since 2006, we have been creating kick-ass television commercials for radio stations… and over the years we’ve gotten a question or two. Below are many of those questions, answered.

If you have any questions beyond what you see here, feel free to reach out!

?Who gets the music videos and permission to use them?
In order to use the music videos - you've gotta get the blessing of the label. Once you get it, get a digital download of that music video from them and we are in business! No permission es no bueno. We do not sell music videos.

At the end of the day, we are merely the editor and we are contracted for your station. You're the one with the label connections. (Speaking of, can we get tickets?)
?When do we pay?
We don't get paid until you are satisfied! Once you give the thumbs up on the spot, it is then we digitally send the invoice along with uploading the spot to the television station(s) you have your campaign with. At that point, you'll have 30 days to get the payment to us! If you don't, we know a guy. Don't make us call him.
?How do the TV stations get the spot?
This is arguably the toughest part. EVERY station likes a different flavor of video format and specs. (Some want 1080p. Some want 720p. Some want a countdown. Some don't. Some want 45mbps CBR, others want to DRIVE YOU INSANE WITH ANOTHER SLIGHT CHANGE IN THE FORMAT!... you get the picture.

You shouldn't have to worry about that. Send us the FTP spot information from the station's you are including in your campaign, and we'll do the encoding, uploading and fulfillment. Easy as that.
?Can we tweak/re-edit an existing spot we made?
If you made a spot, loved it, but - for example - wanted to switch out a couple music videos because WOW #Selfie isn't testing as well anymore... we can do that for you, and at a minimal cost.

Keep in mind though, we do retain the editing rights for the production. So don't go ripping our footage and re-editing it for something else. Not cool dude. Not cool.
?I saw you did a spot for (insert station here). Can I use their design?
We've got two different commercial productions here at Hit The Post: Custom and "Fresh & Ready".

Custom spots are one-offs specifically requested by a station, and they specifically get them for exclusivity. Unless you are part of the same parent company and you get the written blessing from the station - no way Jose. (That said, we can still make you an equally sexy spot... just a little different)

Our "Fresh & Ready" spots are a different story. These are templated spots that are only market-exclusive, so if a station in LA got that design, don't worry, your station in Miami could get it. Another station in your market could not, however.
?Do you only make :30 spots? Can you make other lengths as well?
30 second spots are assumed, but we can take those 30 second spots and transform them into :15's, :10's, even :05's. The cost to create these is minimal as long as they are extensions of the original :30 production, and not an entirely new design.
?Do you just do commercials?
Commercials are our bread and butter, but we do way more in terms of production.

From web video pre-roll animations, event sizzle reels, loops for your performance area monitors, New Years Eve countdowns, logo design... you need it, we can make it happen.
?What is your favorite karaoke song?
If we are feeling adventurous, we love us a good "Bohemian Rhapsody" - but we've got to be liquored up. If we are feeling a little shy, or in a big group, we sing "Tequila" with accompanying Charlie Brown dance in the lyric-less sections, of which there are many.

Oh, and you can't beat Steve Winwood - "Higher Love".