First of all, when your HD2 channel gets a spot before the main show – that’s just unfair. But that’s what happened! CBS Radio/Las Vegas rocker X107.5 came to us with the task of creating a pre-roll spot for their new EDM HD station, Sin 107.5. They loved the spot so much, they came back for seconds!

The alt-rock powerhouse wanted a spot that would break through to audiences that the “Xtreme Radio” of the past is gone, and the direction of the station now is more mainstream – something the station has fought to shake for years. As of late, the station has seen great success, with their wake-up crew Dave, Mahoney & DK In The Morning killing demos and gaining steam. They wanted to make sure they were featured as well.

We are located in Las Vegas, so we grabbed our camera and light kit and headed out to a bar near the station to film the morning show in their natural habitat – drinking booze at 11am. After getting a few minutes of “random banter” on-camera (the audio of which will never be released to protect those involved) we got to work in the edit suite. (Note: we can fly out to stations and cities for b-roll, but you might be better off hiring a freelancer yourself. Nothing beats local video and content however, it looks great)

The goal was to create a rock-stage feel, and after some tinkering, we were able to create a “light wall” using Video Copilot Optical Flares and over 400 layers of light to create the illusion of the X107.5 logo rocking the stage at a sick rock show. Beyond that, we went for glitches and 3D text to destroy the footage just enough that you can feel the rock in your skull.

The clip above is the :30 spot, and as we can and often do, we created a :15 from that as well. Check it out, if you can click the mouse while displaying devil horns.

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