After countless hours of failing miserably at CSS and swearing at WordPress… the day is finally here! Break out the booze! The all-new is up and running!

So what is Hit The Post, and who is running this thing anyways? Great question. Simply put, we were put on this earth to finally put an end to those sleepy, predictable, boring TV commercials for radio stations you see in every market. “Logo in the corner, flash wipe, music video”. You see the spots hitting the air nowadays! Your flat logo in the corner isn’t enough to grab attention! You need to GRAB THEIR EYEBALLS AND BURN YOUR BRAND INTO THEIR SKULL!

That might have been a little dramatic, and for that I am sorry. Not really sorry, but fake sorry, like Donald Sterling. (We know this reference will totally be lost on people in a couple months.)

As for who is running this thing? That’s me. My name is Shawn Tempesta and I am currently afternoons at CBS Radio Hot AC Mix 94.1 in Las Vegas, as well as co-host of “The Morning Blend” on KTNV-13, the ABC affiliate in Las Vegas, as well as the entertainment reporter for CBS Radio’s FM News 100.5, as well as a restaurant columnist for MyVegas Magazine. But I won’t toot my horn here (more horn-tooting at

Honestly, I am a huge fan of media, plain and simple. I love what looks and sounds great. I loathe what looks and sounds terrible. My goal is the same as yours – get your station to look like the greatest single frequency to ever rock the frickin’ earth.

Over the next few months, you’ll see the site and it’s offerings start to develop even further, with ready-to-go templated commercials you can get for a steal, in no-time at all. We are also ready (and willing) to do your custom spots for you immediately! You can join some of the most legendary radio stations in the country… from Miami, Philadelphia, Tampa, Atlanta, Las Vegas and more!

If you want to reach out, please don’t hesitate. Again, thanks for visiting, and keep a lookout for more!

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