After our latest commercial with Jerry Lee Radio/WBEB-FM 101.1 More FM, word got around pretty fast. So fast in fact that merely a month later we got a call from the fine folks at Reno Media Group’s former Sunny 106.9, now the newly positioned AC “106.9 More FM“. Who says you can’t have “more” of a good thing!

After talking with RMG CEO Tom Quinn and KRNO-FM PD Dan Fritz, we realized they liked the Philly spot so much, they wanted to base their spot off of theirs! Now, if you’ve read the Hit The Post FAQ page, you’ll see that “custom spots” are reserved for the station that ordered it, unless that station gives their blessing for another station in another market to use it as well. We shot a message to WBEB-FM PD Chuck Knight who gave his Philadelphia blessing (which, if you’ve been to an Eagles game, is the middle finger followed by that Italian fingers under the chin thing) and approved their use!

Using the same circular 3D space that WBEB’s spot featured, we created a 3D model of the 106.9 More FM logo and put it to work! What you get is an equally powerful spot, seen 2,600 miles away!

A special thank you to the great people at Reno Media Group who we got to work with for the first time, including VP/General Manager Lori Heeren who we worked with during her years in Las Vegas! The crew was incredibly kind and fun over email during the creation of the spot and it was a blast working with them!

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