When we first got the call to work with the legendary Jerry Lee Radio’s WBEB-FM, B101, the juggernaut AC of Philadelphia… we were honored. That was back in 2012, with a very simple, less-is-more approach commercial. We then took that approach with their evolution into 101.1 More FM.

With this latest commercial, more-is-more.

WBEB PD Chuck Knight tapped us once again to make a spot for them, but instead of their prior spots which relied less on visual elements and focused on one song as the star, Chuck wanted to show that 101.1 More FM is not your mama’s AC station. It’s lively. It’s going to get you through your work day without falling asleep. It’s the loudest they could go without your boss getting mad! And of course, we were psyched to flex our graphical muscle a bit!

We created a circular 3D room that holds the More FM logo, the cameras swinging around the logo to make an impact. The frequency glowing with each number. Clean graphics driving home major positioning points. “More music, less talk”. “Music that makes you feel good while you work”.

What came of it is a gorgeous spot that we are proud of, and that More FM can make a great impact with.

We love working with the independent powerhouse that is Jerry Lee Radio and are thrilled whenever we get the call to work on their next project! If you liked the :30 second spot above, check out the “travel size” :15 second spot below!

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