As you know, the only constant in radio is change. Trends change, music changes, and at times even your legendary morning show changes.

That’s what happened at CBS Radio Las Vegas Hot AC Mix 94.1 as their male morning anchor departed the station. In response, the station slid the show’s long-time executive producer J.C. Fernandez into the main chair alongside long-time co-host Mercedes Martinez for the newest iteration of the show – “Mercedes In The Morning”.

Timing is everything when you face a disruption like this, and informing your listeners that change can be a good thing is important. Calls were made, and Program Director Charese Fruge realized the station had trade with a local affiliate that could be used to get the word out about the show.

If only they had a commercial.

The call was made to Hit The Post to produce this spot on a Friday, and luckily enough we are based in Las Vegas along with them (Full disclosure, Shawn, the Hit The Post guy, is also an employee at CBS Radio Las Vegas). We took our cameras and lighting to the station, shot an interview and B-roll during the weekend, and came back a second time to get footage during their show on Monday morning.

By Monday afternoon, we had a solid draft, and by Tuesday the spot was finalized! Easy as that!

The morning show was thrilled with the result, management was as well, and the spot made it to air using every dime of that trade they had earned. While we are capable of much more impactful 3D graphics, the message was clear, concise, and the main point to get across. When seconds counted, we pulled out a tooth-pick, some pliers and bubblegum, MacGyver style, and banged out a spot. A parade was sadly never held.

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