We have been slaving over a hot editing rig over the past week to not only work for clients around the country (here’s looking at you Las Vegas, Philadelphia and Fort Wayne) but to get this website running, along with our Facebook and Twitter. We’ve been working our systems so hard we literally popped the circuit breaker in our home office. Impressive, very impressive.

You can understand considering the rig. Our editing system features four screens, two video cards crunching render times in SLI, 32 gigs of RAM, 5 hard drives running in RAID (not to mention the two 4-drive DROBOs we also run to keep backups), and a lava lamp. If we plug anything else in, we will need to steal plutonium from some shady Libyan guys in a VW bus. (If you get the reference, you win 10 points.)

Regardless, no commercial production house is complete without a sexy sizzle reel… and after pounding many Red Bulls we have cranked it out. Presenting the Hit The Post Sizzle Reel 2014! Featuring our shiny new logo, the sounds of Willy Moon, and the imagery of our hottest spots for a bunch of great stations including…

Now, we sleep.

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