After decades of uninspired, cookie-cutter television campaigns for radio stations, a production company that understands radio. PD's, you know it is tough enough to get the budget for the campaign. When you do, make it count.


Nobody knows how to make your station pop more than you. We take your in-house production and infuse it with our uncanny ability to make kick-ass visuals for an ad that'll get noticed.



Our one-of-a-kind spots have been seen across the country, from major markets to mom-and-pops. Priced right and variable based upon your market size, if you're looking for something to call your own, our custom spots are for you. Competitively priced, and distinctly yours. And if you're looking for something immediate, we have sexy Fresh N Ready spots we can crank out in no time! Great price, great look, and market-exclusive.


How We Do This Thing...

Sign On The Line

After discussing via email/phone and hammering out details, we put it on paper and sign! As soon as you do, we get started!

Send Us Whatcha Want

We love making your station look - and sound - like your station! Make a sick audio production, and we will orchestrate around that! Also send any music videos, logos and pictures you want included!

Editing & Tweaking

As the process moves along, we send you YouTube videos for an instant look at our work! Love it? We are good to go! Need some tweaks? We can do that too! We aren't happy until you are! And the sooner you reply, the sooner we can finish!

It's Showtime!

Once we get the thumbs up, we finalize the spot! Send us the FTP information for the stations you are airing the campaign with and we'll take care of the rest!
  • "Seriously, you made this look great, and you're great to work with!"
    Dan Kennedy, PD, 95.1 Best FM Fort Wayne
  • "They look great. You were wonderful with all the twists and turns we took you through."
    Chuck Knight, PD, More FM at 101.1 Philadelphia
  • "[This commercial] is slick. I really like it. I’m super-impressed."
    Chris Eagan, PD, B 98.5 Atlanta
  • "[Hit The Post] did the Hot 101.5 spots and several others around Cox Media Group that are equally high impact and amazing."
    Tim Clarke, PD, Hot 101.5 Tampa Bay
Shawn Tempesta
Shawn Tempesta

He Does The Stuff

Who Runs This Joint, Anyways?

Hit The Post is the brainchild of Shawn Tempesta, a TV and radio personality from Boston, but doing his thing in Las Vegas. He can be heard afternoons on CBS Radio Hot AC Mix 94.1, seen mornings on “The Morning Blend” on KTNV-TV Channel 13 (ABC) in Las Vegas, providing entertainment reports for CBS Radio News/Talk FM News 100.5, and restaurant features for MyVegas Magazine.

Introduced to television production in public access at the age of 8, Shawn has worked several media jobs, on-air and off, television and radio, and loves the whole craft. When he isn’t on-air or editing your spot, he is driving around in his Chevy Volt (super-fan), stuffing his face at Vegas’ many fine restaurants with his girlfriend, and dropping “Back To The Future” quotes on total strangers.